Santhals , live mainly in three states of India , namely Jharkhand , Odisha and West Bengal . Assam and Bihar also having a good population of Santhals. Besides this , there is also a significant Santhal minority in neighboring Bangladesh, and a small population in Nepal .

Santhals worship " Marang Buru and Jaaher aayo" , ( GOD ) . They also worship nature and love the nature .

Santhals celebrate mainly four festivals in a year , Saakraat , Sohrai , Baha ( Bonga ) and Gomha .

"Ol-Chiki" , the script , was invented by Pdt. Raghunath Murmu in 1925 for Santhali language.

There are a total of 12 titles ( surnames ) in Santhals . In ancient times , people having specific surname had to do the specific work , but now , at present , the situation is not like that.

Most of the Santhals are following "Sarna" religion but a few of them are also following "Christianity", mainly the Santhals of Assam .



                   Pdt. Raghunath Murmu

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Barial Hembram
December 05, 2016
Jati dhorom tolo molo gujuh leka njeloh chete tedo jiwi jati dobon dohoya ? Jati bo bereda dhorom bo dilhoya ona tege jiwi jati dobon dohoya.....! Guru
Mangal Murmu ,
November 24 , 2016
Eka redom boka geya dol regi bol do jumid regi boyha dari mena!! Hemalburu= Himalaya=Marangburu= Manjhi Than. Jang(etah) er (waving)= Zaher Than. Abudo prakritik pujari kanabun. Aburen Marehor mane Ayu babu ge aburen bonga do mane Hapram. BONGA=jaha ar mente babun neal dariya unage ku metawaah bonga(অদৃশ্য). Johar ge arho jasti badai lagit email
Dipankar marndi ,
May 02 , 2016
I love community and culture and my mother language
Ranjan Mandi ,
April 29 , 2016
We have to save our language.we will be the no.1 tribe.our tribe is into a is our responsibility to our tribe.I love my tribe............
April 26 , 2016
Abowa pahchan do abowa language, tradition, culture kana. sahi bat kan giya abo do din b din nowa do bagiya kana bon. Lekin abo bo nawa bat re dada dhayan amo huya chekate abo aa sanskiriti banchawabon...
.Sima Hembram ,
September 08 , 2015
hirla marang buru hirla jaher ayo jahergad jaher odah nahah jug lekate devlop laktih kana sarna dharom lagid
.Manoj Soren
August 11 , 2015
haan , hum bhi ye maantey hain ki hum sab apni sanskriti aur bhasha ko bhul rahe hain , aur hum sab ko ise mil kar bachana hoga
July 23, 2015
guys i too not that good in speaking ,its because i stayed in hostel for 15 long years and now too. but i every knowledge that i should have about my santhali tribe . no one can save or preserve it ,it we who have to think and take step to save and preserve . thank you guys . Johar.
nand lal manjhi
February 5, 2015
bahre re nokari hor aapnar samaj sawte ackto ama khan bang bon hirinz edi ya bon .
. rahul tudu
November 17, 2014
is sending your child to private schools a reason for the ruining development of santhal community . can't you open a good quality school 50% seats for santhal where santhal can be a subject .most of the government school where a santhal student goes is shit with bullshit faculty non qualified . and what do you expect to come out from there ..
Biraj hembrom
October 12, 2014
Dear frnds 2 solve da prblm get new ideas under 1 umbrela. Yes we can achieve it bcoz we r santal.JOHAR# Please don't hesitate to speak santhali in public places .
September 9, 2014
सारि गे आलिञ ञेल केआलिञ जे आववाग आद़दकान सानाम लेकान सांसकृतीक बानन्चाव लागित नवा वेवसाईट रे अल लेखान नापाय कगः आ जे लेकान दरवार कहं। आतु दरवार, घाट दरवार, दिसम दरसवार, आर ल विर दरवार क। 2) सेन्दरा कहं। दलमाबुरु सेन्दा। आजोदिया सेन्दरा। एमान काथा कहं।.
Panchanan Murmu
September 5, 2014
abonag oprom achar behar alobon hiring ma noya ge joto santar boyha then nehor tahe ana.... johar.
ajit hembram
August 3, 2014
Plase don't follow the cristian.because our religion the "sarna" is the best religon.other wise we are hide and also aour calture hide afterr 50 years.
Basudev Hansdah
June 5, 2014
Dear All, Its very much true that, lots of changes are happening in Santhali culture like other cultures in India. If we introspect it deeply, the root cause for these is the change in soci- economic environment. Now many Santhal are moving out of the concentrated Santhali area to places where Santhal dominance is thin. This has resulted in dilution of our culture . Unlike other culture, ours being a co-operative model culture all our traditions are carried out in mass gathering whereas other culture traditions are confided even to a single family so to speak. Hence most of the Santhals, working in cities are not getting that environment to maintain our lovely culture. On the other hand, the cultures in villages has also been diluted to a greater extent albiet less compared to those Santhals living in city. Somebody has rightly said" Nothing is constant except change". So we may have to accept changes, but to the extent it does not extinct us from the world.
Bimal Saren
December 25, 2013
We are ignoring our culture and tradition more, than forgetting it. And this type of blunder is being committed mostly by the educated santals. This is a shame to us. Kichhu kichhu olo: parhaw ched aka: hor diku samang re horte ror do lajaw ko aikawa, arhon chakri njam somoy do duru duru ko njir chala: a: ST kowa:reserved quota khon chakri njam lagit te. Ado nonkan hor ko sari dahar te agu ko lagit do abu joto kogi laha hiju: huyu: tabona. karon mit tang akilan hor somaj khon eta: sech e koyo: lekhan abuwa: somaj rena: gi khoti do huyua:.
December 19, 2013
yes its 101% true that we are forgetting our culture and tradition day by day. the reason behind it we are hesitating speak our language in front of other people means public i am wandering that if we cannot respect our language then how we suppose that we can save our culture and tradition for our new by day santhali people visit or migrate one place to other place from their native place and they learn and grab other culture and tradition.....and then they feel that our culture is different and inferior than other culture....thats why we hesitate to discus about our language, culture, religion, tradition and so on.....
Shiblal Soren
December 12, 2013
We are realy forgetting our culture ,language and religion due to the lack of love for the own language and culture.Because nowadays those santhal people are working above the post of Group-C and that peoples children are not interested speak in santali languge due to the ashamed off tribal /adivasi but he does not understand that important of mother tounge,religion and etc. We should proud that we are a santhal. Those people have already adopted a Christian religion and such kinds of people are not to be said santhal because they have lost their identity and integratity about santhals. Now at present time we should make /start a 'Young Santhal nabazagaran' and i request all the adult that plz make a beutiful unity worlds for santhal.
Jaynarayan tudu
October 23, 2013
This is true for all religion, not only Sarna other religion are also facing similar problem. Great mind have pondered over this. The upcoming generation is not much interested in culture and spiritual life style. Most of the current generation people are getting victimized by what we call western culture. The western culture is also called as materialistic culture. The current generation is interested in money, prestige, power, and women. So this is a problem. What is cause? contemporary sages have said that our current education system does not teach us what is the goal of life and how it can be achieved. Current system does not teach us about value system like love, respect, sympathy, and co-operation.
About Sarana religion, the situation is really not that good. We need a great soul who can teach us about Sarana religion. We need to know the philosophy behind our culture and religious practice. Once the philosophical foundation get strong that helps us to revive the religious culture. We need a standard literature which can teach us the philosophy of Sarna religion. We need to know what Sarna religion teaches us on "Goal and meaning of life". To get all these things we have no other way but to pray to Marangburu Lita thakur for their mercy.
Tyson Murmu
October 20, 2013
Actually,according to my views and gesture I think it's true because generation after generation Santhals gets endangered due to modernize views and attitude of young Educated Santhals.They think Santhals is as same as Hindu Religion [Orthodoxy type] which having meaningless rituals,myths,sacrifices etc.But on other hand,I think they never like Orthodoxy people which effects the social life! I don't want to say much... :3
Dinesh Hansda
October 19, 2013
Nit ma pahil khon adi jasti gan akil kobo hamet akada onkare aar ge LAKCHAR bun hara buruya nowage enak' men do.
October 5, 2013
September 30, 2013
May be!
raghunath hansdah
September 19, 2013
this is true that we are forgetting our culture , this is due to lack of awareness among the young santals , they are not having interest for santali culture . this is sad but true . one can imaginf that there are many santals , who don't even understand santali , .Santar ror hon bako thikaya aar ror ma ekdom ge bako ror dareyaa ,.Jahan sera hor odah rin gidra ko tahena unko ge bako badaya santali do
sunil murmu
September 10, 2013
Respect our culture ,. follow our tradition , and feel proud to be Santal ...
karu majhi
September 10, 2013
hamlog sachi me apne aap ko vhultey jh rahey hain , hamari pehchan khattrey me par gayi hai , hamey apna tradition aur culture nai vhulna chaye , Aap sab sey request hai ki hamari pehchan ko mitney nai dena chaiye
September 8, 2013
September 8, 2013
Hoy sari gebin lai keda
August 24, 2013
Hoy , abo to hirinz edi yea bo
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